Fairness Measures

Datasets and software for detecting algorithmic discrimination




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We collect datasets from various sources and prepare them taking into account a potentially discriminated group, and an attribute/score in which discrimination can be embodied. Click on the name of a dataset below for details and availability. Some datasets are directly available for download, while others are available upon requests for privacy reasons.

Dataset Attribute/Score # Entries Format
COMPAS Recidivism Risk recidivism 18K csv
Statlog (German Credit -SCHUFA) credit rating 1k csv
SAT test score 1,6 k csv, pdf
PSU-Chile test score 2,9 M csv
Adult Census income 48,8 k csv
SOEP multiple depending on wave multiple

If you have a dataset that you would like to contribute, either upload it to our repository or get in touch with us.